• Jobs and economic development – Renewables are the fastest-growing energy source in the United States, comprising 67% of new electric generation capacity installed in 2016.  Moreover, clean energy jobs are the fastest-growing job sector.
  • We’ll save money – Improving energy efficiency means saving money that would otherwise be spent on energy costs.
  • Greater local control of energy supply will help us cut costs and ensure a reliable supply of energy even in the face of weather and other disruptions.
  • Less expensive, stable energy prices – Renewable energy costs are not tied to the fluctuating prices of oil and gas (both foreign and domestic).
  • We’ve joined more than 100 cities across our nation – Concord, Hanover, and over 100 other cities have completed or on are on the path to renewable energy. We will learn from their experiences and draw on their successes to develop a plan tailored to the need of our community.
  • Presents a positive image for the city to attract businesses, visitors and new residents –  As Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce CEO Phil Suter said at the September rally, citing the many area businesses already engaged on these issues, “In the Monadnock Region, where we are thoughtful and collaborative about our future, change is happening…This can be an element of our brand, as a city, a region, a state.”
  • Improved health and reduced health care costs – Use of renewable energy and clean transportation avoids harmful air emissions, which ultimately has a positive effect on human health and significantly reduces health care costs.



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