“Enacting [a renewable energy policy] will create local jobs and business opportunities…and position Keene as a leader in renewable energy.” 

— Tedd Benson, Bensonwood Founder

Bensonwood Woodworking Company‘s new 136-kilowatt photovoltaic array is expected to produce 40 percent of the electricity needed at their building system’s manufacturing facility.

The flat roofs of factories are the perfect place for installing photovoltaic panels that harness the sun’s rays and creating power. Another benefit is that many factories operate during the day when solar energy is collected and generated. The photovoltaic array is just another step toward the companies’ commitment to sustainable and clean technology buildings.

Bensonwood is using its new solar-powered facility to better serve commercial clients and the multifamily sector, in addition to the single family custom home market.

As a high-performance, sustainable builder, Bensonwood believes in walking the talk. They are proud to build energy-efficient homes in a facility that is powered by renewable energy.

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