by Dr. Thomas Webler

The results from 2018 are in and solar and wind now make up almost 9% of U.S. electricity. Solar electric energy was up 25% in 2018 and now supplies 2.4% of U.S. electricity.

The leading states and percentage of electricity generated from solar are:

  • California – 14%
  • Nevada – 12%
  • Hawaii – 12%
  • Arizona – 8.7%
  • Utah – 7.6%

None of the New England states were in the top five, but Massachusetts (5.6%) and Vermont (4.7%) were more than twice the national average.

About 70% of solar electricity comes from utility-scale solar farms, not rooftop systems. Only four states had zero utility-scale solar: Alaska, West Virginia, North Dakota, and (unfortunately) New Hampshire.

It would be good to see Eversource start to invest in this low-cost electricity.

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Thomas Webler

Dr. Thomas Webler is an assistant professor of environmental studies at Keene State College.