You have the power to change your energy supplier and purchase clean energy from wind, solar, and other renewable sources for comparable rates to what you’re already paying  — while continuing to receive service from your utility company.

Switch to a renewable energy supplier

Our public utilities like Eversource or Liberty, are responsible for the poles and wires that deliver electricity to our homes.  They no longer own big power plants or produce the electricity they deliver. The utilities buy electricity from competitive suppliers and sell it back to us as “default supply.”  The default supply they purchase does include some renewable energy, based on the Renewable Portfolio Standard. But, what you may not know, is that as part of the New Hampshire Restructuring Act, customers can purchase their own supply directly from competitive suppliers.  

Industrial and commercial utility customers have switched suppliers to take advantage of lower supply costs. Competitive suppliers offer conventional electricity supply (including fossil fuels) for cheaper prices than the utility default supply. However, by paying a penny or two more per kilowatt-hour, you can select competitive suppliers that offer 100% Renewable Energy Certificate covered electricity.

Which company will service my electricity?

If you switch to a competitive supplier, you will continue to receive a bill from the same utility company every month and any problems or outages will still be handled by the utility

No more restrictions

There used to be important restrictions on who could switch to a competitive supplier. If you had electric-powered heating and participated in the Eversource Heat Smart program, you would lose that benefit for lower charges on the delivery charges side of your bill.  Customers on the Electric Assistance Program would also lose their benefit on the energy supply part of their bill. Those restrictions are gone!

How do I make the switch?

The presentation below will take you through the process of shopping for a competitive supplier.  

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