Keene’s newly elected mayor, George Hansel, speaks about his support for renewable energy in a recent interview.

“We’re obviously committed to renewable energy here in Keene…We’ve committed to reasonable goals to get us into the renewable energy field and adopt more renewable energy not just for the city’s operations but for the whole community. We’re excited by that.” – Mayor George Hansel

The interview touches on the ‘broad and almost unanimous consensus’ the mayor has experienced from the community for moving toward renewable energy, exciting new solar installations, advocating for better statewide policies, and his plan to weatherize older single-family and two-family homes.

The interview includes a shout out to the Clean Energy Team and the hard work being done by residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to move us toward 100% Renewable energy.

“We have citizens contributing most of the heavy lifting moving us towards our goals. This is something unique to Keene that highlights our ability to come together and tap into the public to get things done.”

The interview aired on MPA Today on January 16 and is available on YouTube.