Keene State College heats with vegetable oil

Keene State College discovered this affordable, clean, local fuel source saves the college money and isn’t subject to geopolitical upheavals and price fluctuations. 

by Kelly Regan

[The Equinox] Keene State switched to purified waste vegetable oil, LR-100, as their heat source in October 2016. Staff at Keene State College worked together to convince the college to switch to a cleaner fuel source. Supervisor of Plumbing and Heating Plant Operations Bill Rymes worked closely with Director of Campus Sustainability Cary Gaunt and Coordinator of Energy and Utility Services Diana Duffy during Keene State’s transition to LR-100.

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This article is part of our series celebrating the clean energy and energy efficiency success of the many residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in our region.

Photo credit: Richard Wiswall/Flickr