[Keene Sentinel] As part of its efforts to transition entirely to renewable energy by 2050, Keene is exploring a concept called “community power,” which would make the city the default electricity provider for its residents.

According to City Planner Mari Brunner, a community power program allows a municipality to purchase power from the market in order to supply it to both residential and commercial customers. Brunner said the concept has been permitted in New Hampshire for less than a year, with the governor signing it into law in August, but it has been known to save other communities a great deal of money.

“There are a lot of advantages to doing it that way,” Brunner said Tuesday. “Because utilities are locked into a certain timing when they can go out to bid … usually municipalities can get better rates than the utility. One thing we’re really excited about is the possibility to offer electricity to customers at a lower rate.”

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Photo credit: Anil Kumar Shrestha