Two letters to the editor published in the Keene Sentinel show how easy and cost-effective switching renewable energy will for Keene residents through community power.

No one has to pay more to go green, by Peter Hansel

Correcting a mistake in an earlier article, Hansel says

The cost of going green: $23 a month” was completely inaccurate. You had to actually read beyond the first two paragraphs of the article to understand that the Keene Community Power plan proposes a default rate — the rate that everyone will get unless they choose otherwise — which would “remain competitive with the utility.” In other words, if you do nothing, you will pay $0 extra.

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Community power would keep rates competitive, by Suzanne Butcher

Butcher expands on Hansel’s point citing the graphic from the Keene Community Power Plan (above)

Bulk purchasing power will enable Keene to negotiate contracts with more renewable energy than the statewide minimum while keeping the price competitive with Eversource. Yes, for households willing and able to choose 50 percent or 100 percent renewable, there would be an extra cost. For those who stay with the default, community power will enable us to gradually go greener while maintaining cost parity with Eversource rates. Anyone who wants to can opt out at any time.

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