Celebrate Earth Day with an online film fest, virtual electric vehicle expo and solar tour and so much more. These are just a few of the free events.

Learn about them all and sign up to attend!

Film festival

April 22-24

The Monadnock Food Co-op will partner with Monadnock International Film Festival and Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition, producer of Feast On This! Film Festival, to transform the annual in-person Monadnock Earth Festival into a virtual film festival. The Monadnock Earth Day Film Festival will take place from April 22 – April 24, 2021. This free online event will feature films and host panel discussions to celebrate and cultivate a more resilient world. Learn more

Electric Vehicle Expo

April 22

Visit the Monadnock Sustainability Hub website anytime on (or after) Earth Day to access the expo and puruse profiles detailing the experience of local electric vehicle (EV) owners. From buying, to owning, to driving — get an inside look into the world of electric cars, explore different makes and models of EVs, read the stories of local EV owners, and discover why your next car should be electric!Spoiler alert! Electric Vehicles aren’t just better for the environment. They’re also more efficient, cheaper to own and operate, and fun to drive! Learn more

Virtual Solar Tour

Live now

18 homeowners share the stories, frustrations, and triumphs of generating their own energy with solar panels. The people of Keene, N.H. have made tremendous progress toward our goal of 100% renewable energy. Keene has close to 100 solar installations on homes, businesses, schools, churches, nonprofits, and municipal buildings. Each of the homeowners in our tour answered tough questions and offered advice for aspiring solar panel owners. Learn more

Free home energy workshop

May 4, 7 p.m.

The NHSaves Button Up Workshop is a free presentation specially designed for local residents who would like to conserve energy and save money on their heating and cooling bills. Learn more

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