The New Hampshire government is planning to defund our energy efficiency programs. Families and small businesses across our state have benefited from NHSaves programs that have helped them keep warm and save money on heat and electric bills. We can protect energy efficiency programs in our state if we act now!

Join our photo petition

We’re collecting photos of New Hampshire residents: parents and small business owners, home energy contractors, seniors, and other residents holding up a sign about why energy efficiency is important to them. We want to show Governor Sununu and the members of the Public Utilities Commission how defunding energy efficiency programs will impact us.

It’s easy to participate just…

  1. Pick a sign and print it or make your own.
  2. Take a selfie or have someone take your picture with you holding your sign. 
  3. Send us your photo at or post it on your social media channel of choice with the hashtag #SaveNHSaves Tag @GovChrisSununu and @NHPUC. 
  4. (Optional) Include a comment for Governor Sununu and the Public Utilities Commission. 

We will present your photo and comment to Governor Sununu and the Public Utilities Commission who will be making a decision in the next 30 days.   

Why act?

The cheapest energy is energy we don’t use…

  • Energy efficiency helps people, businesses, and municipalities save money
  • Energy efficiency ensures everyone – including vulnerable people such as seniors and low-income families – is kept warm and doesn’t struggle to pay their bills.
  • NHSaves offers residents rebates for everything from lightbulbs to refrigerators to heat pumps, plus weatherization programs for homeowners and businesses.
  • Our best defense against fluctuating and rising energy costs is energy efficiency efforts.

The Public Utilities Commission order hurts NH residents…

  • This order strips away opportunities for the Granite State’s most vulnerable populations to take advantage of energy efficiency programs at little to no cost. Energy efficiency programs protect lives, keep homes warm, and reduce energy bills. 
  • Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way for us to meet our energy needs. Saving a kilowatt-hour by investing in better lighting, heating, or processes typically costs around half as much as building new power plants to supply rising demand. Investing in efficiency lowers electricity rates for all Granite Staters, even those that don’t take part in the incentive programs.
  • This order significantly and negatively impacts small businesses especially those that offer energy efficiency services in New Hampshire. Over 10,000 Granite Staters work in the energy efficiency sector, and some of those businesses have already announced they will have to lay workers off in response to the decision. This order will cause Granite Staters to lose their jobs and lead many of these skilled experts to move to other states. This order will shutter small, local businesses already finding it challenging to hire a workforce.

Want to do more?

Write your representatives, submit letters to the editor to local publications, and support organizations working to promote clean energy in NH. Clean Energy New Hampshire offers instructions, talking points, and more on their website.

Learn more about the order and how it impacts NH residents, businesses, and jobs