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A grassroots group of Keene residents, businesses, and leaders from education, faith, nonprofit and other sectors have voiced their support for making energy efficiency and renewable energy options accessible for residents and businesses. 

In 2019 the City Council of Keene, New Hampshire voted to establish a goal of transitioning the city to 100 percent clean and renewable energy. Keene joined the communities of Concord, Cornish, Hanover, and Plainfield to become the fifth city in the state and the 104th in the country to pass similar resolutions. The resolution adopted a goal of using 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2030 and for all sectors including heat and transportation by 2050.

Since then, the city has developed a plan to meet our goals through a transparent and inclusive stakeholder process.

It will take all of us to achieve a 100% renewable energy future. Your ideas, expertise, insights, hands-on and moral support are needed and welcome!

Join us!