A grassroots group of Keene residents, businessesand leaders from education, faith, nonprofit and other sectors and allies from neighboring communities have voiced their support for making energy efficiency and renewable energy options accessible for residents and businesses.

If you support clean, renewable energy you are a part of our team…

All are welcome and all are needed!  Please join us!

The hands-on organization and nuts and bolts planning for this movement is largely led by two organizations with the support of a vast collation of renewable energy, environmental, and other organizations in the Monadnock region.

The Clean Energy Team of the Monadnock Progressive Alliance

Through our actions to date, the Clean Energy Team has connected with a range of regional and state allies who are invested in actions to make energy efficiency and renewable energy options accessible for residents and businesses and protect our environment. Together, we are identifying critical and manageable steps to catalyze change, as we move forward.

The Keene City Council Energy and Climate Committee

The Energy and Climate Committee (f/k/a Cities for Climate Protection Committee) was created In order to protect Keene’s public health, safety, and welfare, as well as the economic vitality of the community, and exists to:

  1. Monitor and advocate for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Promote energy conservation and efficiency, as well as the use and production of renewable energy
  3. Increase awareness of and resilience to the expected impacts of a changing climate