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Photo by Encore Renewable Energy

Everyone who lives, works, and plays in Keene can take pride in what we have accomplished, the direction the city is headed, and the potential of the city we can become.

Keene’s Clean Energy Team invited building owners to share the stories, frustrations, and triumphs of generating their own energy with solar panels and making their homes more energy-efficient. 

Each of the owners answered tough questions and offered advice for aspiring solar panel owners. 

Solar tour by the numbers

  • All homes produced at least 60% of their energy and reported lower energy costs with at least 10 meeting 100% of their electricity needs or more.
  • The homeowners installed more than 350 panels, ranging from 14 to 40 panels, some newly installed and some with almost a decade of generating energy.

Many of the homes and buildings are depicted using aerial photography. Under faculty supervision, graduating senior Elizabeth Abrevaya flew the department’s drone and captured a birds-eye view of the homes in our tour. Abrevaya is a Keene State College student studying GIS Maps and Data Visualization. She was advised by Dr. Christopher Brehme and GIS lab manager John Woodward.

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  • Sun icon in map: Freepik
  • All photos of homes and buildings are credited to the owners unless otherwise stated
  • Aerial photography was provided by Keene State College graduating senior, Elizabeth Abrevaya. She was advised by Dr. Christopher Brehme and John Woodward.
  • Jeff Bergeron also provided aerial photography to the tour.