(15) 179 South Lincoln Street

“Cost-effective, environmentally sound power is a no brainer!”

This home was bought by Alicia Deavers in 2021. Alicia was happy to continue participating in the tour.

The previous owner Marc Ducharme answered our survey questions and provided photos in 2020.

What motivated you to install solar?
Cost-effective, environmentally sound power is a no brainer!

How many panels do you have, and if you know, how much energy are you producing, percentage of your electric usage?
24 panels, rated to deliver 6.84kWh.  Installed in 2016 and was designed to cover 100% of our electricity needs. Our current payback is estimated to be less than seven years!

What has been the biggest benefit so far? What are you excited about?
Payback, return on investment, no-maintenance electricity production.

What were the obstacles to installing solar and what did you do to overcome them?
Cost. The rebate and tax credit helped.

What advice do you have for people considering installing solar?
Had to remove slate roofing and decided to replace it with metal roofing that didn’t “detract” from the historic feel of the neighborhood.